why am i writing this…

I think that I should make one thing perfectly clear…I’m not a bartender, nor do I play one on TV. In fact, if forced to pour my own beer, I will be drinking it straight from the bottle. I am an ordinary girl, living life, who one night met a bartender, made a bad choice or six, and started to question both my decision-making process and my relationship karma. My friends all want to know what made this one bartender so different and the answer is…wait for it…absolutely nothing. He was simply the straw that broke the camel’s back and made me finally step back, evaluate, and gain a little perspective. If anything I should probably thank him…probably.


One Response to why am i writing this…

  1. jim says:

    Omg, I love this blog. Here’s how I found it.

    1. I’m from the midwest (Kansas);

    2. On Saturday, North Dakota State beat Kansas in college football;

    3. (Wtf?);

    4. On Sunday, I immediately wondered if Chuck Klosterman had anything to say about the game;

    5. (I know he didn’t go there, and I know he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would root for a team just because they are in the same state in which he went to school…but on the other hand…it was such a preposterous game that I thought his comment might be somehow necessary);

    5. ((Actually, most immediately, I thought about Jeff Boschee, but one would have to be a KU/North Dakota person to think that; CK was right after that initial thought));

    6. I searched for @cklosterman on Twitter;

    7. The first search result was you, reading @cklosterman at @lacma;

    8. I thought, that’s a cool tweet, and clicked on your username;

    9. And thought, these are cool tweets, and clicked on your blog;

    10. And thought, these are cool blog posts;

    11. (Seriously, I stayed up way past my bedtime — on a school night! — just to resolve what the effe bomb a 2.5% girl is, but wanting only to learn all lessons in reverse-chronological order);

    12. ((And by “school night,” I mean Monday-and-long-weekend ending work night));

    13. (((And by “-and-” I meant “-cum-,” but that word seems entirely too creepy so soon; we can’t possibly be there yet)));

    14. ((((Point 14 has been deleted))))

    15. (((((Just to be on the safe side, there will be no point 15, either)))))

    16. And thought, I want to have a beer with this person.

    17. So, can we have a beer? I’ll even, like, call you on the telephone to make it happen.

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